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Tree Spraying Program

eagle valley tree spraying 

Our tree spray in the Eagle Valley, will enhance tree and shrub growth and will eliminate insects and diseases.

Tree spray service is a two application program: Spring and Summer for beautiful insect and disease free trees.

Tree Spray Spring Application

  • Spruce trees- target pest: cooley gall, white pine weevil and white pine scale.
  • Aspen and Delicious trees - target pest: spider mites, aphids and willow scale.
  • Grandular Application - target pest: gall (10 days before or at bud stage.)

Tree Spray Summer Application

  • Spruce Trees- target pest: mites, needle miners, white pine scale
  • Aspen, narrow leaf and Cottonwood Trees - target pest: spider mites, aphids, western tent caterpillars and willow scale.

Tree Spray Animal Repellent

  •  All natural animal repellent- provides plants and trees with protection from deer, elk, moose & rabbits, etc. This is sprayed during Summer as needed, and Fall spraying is very important.


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