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Pest Control

Keep your landscape beautiful and pest free.

Mountain Valley Ventures now offers pest control for ground squirrels and other pests. 

This service is billed by the hour and materials used costs will apply.

Some of the methods we use to control pesky pests include:

  • Bait boxes are a secure, safe and effective way to control pests in your landscape area. 
  • Al-phos-tox  - used to control large and small number of ground squirrels. These are hand placed in burrows and then covered with newspaper and dirt.             

eagle valley pest control gopherPocket Gophers, voles, Harrison/Richardson ground squirrels and moles can destroy your landscape.


These pests can destroy your landscape when they are not controlled. Your lawn can become riddled with very unsightly gopher holes and dirt mounds. Plants can become smothered by the dirt mounds, thus killing them as well. More damage can come from the gopher chewing through utility lines and irrigation lines. Additionally, the soil dug up and brought to the surface of your landscape can cause greater erosion of the soil from rain water and sprinklers, causing a host of related problems. Gophers are pests that must be dealt with.


molesBecause of these problems, gophers must be dealt with effectively to rid your property of their potential damage. One difficulty in dealing with gophers is they frequently come back and must be dealt with again. The reason for this is usually when your property has removed the gophers, your neighboring property still has them. It is just a matter of time before gophers come back again to your property.


voleThe way to recognize a gopher is to check out the gopher's hole.   The gopher creates a gopher mound that typically is in a fan shape moving outward from the center of the hole.


Gophers eat plants, lots of them.   They are the usual culprit in your plant damage and disappearing plants.   Gophers can make tunnels up to 200 yards   in a year and move more than 2 tons of soil.


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