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Noxious Weed Control

Mountain Valley Ventures offers Eagle County the following services in noxious weed control. Mountain Valley Ventures, Inc. is a licensed applicator for spraying roadside, open space, pavement joint, landscape beds, flower beds and driveways.

  • Weeds sprayed on open land and by the roadside areas. This service will be charged at an hourly rate plus materials.


noxious weed control in eagle county, colorado

Controlling noxious weeds in Eagle County is very important and is the law! See Vail Daily article about controlling noxious weeds in Eagle County.

Mountain Valley Ventures, Inc. provides a two or three application program to eliminate these noxious weed:

  • Thistles - Canadian, musk, plumbless and scoth 
  • Leafy Spurge 
  • Knap Weed 
  • Hounge Tongue 
  • Burdock  
  • Toad Flax 
  • Russian Thistle 
  • Yellow Clover 
  • Koctia and many more 


roadside noxious weed control in eagle county colorado  weed spray vehicle

Noxious weeds can damage water quality and wildlife habitat and increase erosion. Land managers are trying to eradicate the weeds by hand and with chemicals.

Approved herbicide treatments are recommended. Once in July (just before the plant goes to bloom) and again after the first frost (when the plant is dying back). The July treatment will stress the plant because it uses its root reserves to grow more foliage. The fall treatment will allow herbicide to be taken into the root system since the plant is bringing sugars down into the roots to get ready for winter. This will be a multi-year process but with persistence you will gain the upper hand on this tough plant.

Maintaining healthy native plant communities is the best way to prevent the establishment of any weed. Canada Thistle can quickly invade disturbed areas, making revegetation critical to controlling this plant as well as other noxious weed species.  

Proper Identification of Thistles

Canada Thistle has a smooth stem while Musk and Plumeless Thistles have spiny stems. Canada Thistle flowers form in small clusters while Musk and Plumeless Thistles are larger and typically form one flower per long stem.

There are 13 species of Thistle native to Colorado. They don't form dense colonies like the alien species listed above. Many have white flowers and can be found at higher elevations.


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